Nintendo have today revealed that Steve and Alex, the heroes of the Minecraft series and long-rumoured guest characters, are going to be the next DLC fighters to feature in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as part of the game’s second Battle Pass. A new Minecraft-themed level and seven music tracks will also be made available… it also looks like Zombie and the Enderman are also going to be Echo fighters. Basically, you can have a big Minecraft-themed battle if you like.

Check out Steve and Alex in the reveal in the video below:

Judging by what Masahiro Sakurai said after the reveal, a lot of work went into bring Steve and Alex into the world of Super Smash Bros Ultimate – we’ll get to find out how they play when a new ‘Battling with Steve and Alex’ video is revealed on Nintendo’s YouTube channel this Saturday. I’m happy with the reveal – whilst Minecraft might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Steve and Alex have become a pretty iconic pair of characters at this point so it’ll be great to be able to play as them. Plus, they looks like they’ll be pretty unique to use, which is always a plus in a game as diverse as Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I can’t wait to give them a try!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available now on the Nintendo Switch. You can check it out on the UK eShop through this link.