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Bloodroots | REVIEW

Bloodroots is an outstanding game that I had a BLAST playing, with its quick-paced action-orientated gameplay offering the perfect balance of challenge, brutality, and fun.

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Draugen | REVIEW

Draugen tells a tale that’s both mysterious and emotional, whilst the stunning sights and intriguing locales certainly bring the adventure to life.

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Darksiders Genesis | REVIEW

Darksiders Genesis’ satisfyingly brutal combat and enjoyable co-operative action come together nicely to make for an exciting take on the Darksiders series.

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Kunai | REVIEW

unai is stylish and fun, with the neat swinging and the slick combat mechanics coming together to make for a very enjoyable Metroidvania-style experience.

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Blair Witch | REVIEW

Blair Witch is oozing with spooky atmosphere, but the gameplay itself could just feel a little too underwhelming to enjoy.

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Bookbound Brigade | REVIEW

Bookbound Brigade has some neat within its adventure, but the awkward combat and overly tricky exploration see the experience fall a little flat.

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The Turing Test | REVIEW

The Turing Test’s satisfying puzzling, engaging storyline, and impressive presentation help it stand out as an enjoyable Nintendo Switch puzzler.

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