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Planet of Lana [PC] | REVIEW

Planet of Lana is simply mesmerising, with the stunning world and engrossing puzzling ensuring it shines as a puzzle-platforming spectacle.

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Lunark [PC] | REVIEW

Lunark is a gripping action-platformer that perfectly captures what made the old-school titles that inspired it SO good.

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Tin Hearts [PC] | REVIEW

Tin Hearts is a wonderfully crafted puzzler that’s unique, clever, and tells a heart-warming story to go along with its toy soldier escapade.

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Live A Live [PC] | REVIEW

Live A Live is a unique RPG, but the engrossing storytelling, varied gameplay, and beautiful visuals ensure that it’s an instant classic.

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Mile High Taxi [PC] | REVIEW

Mile High Taxi offers a cool and unique take on the Crazy Taxi formula, with the manic driving through the city’s sky making for a good time.

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Death or Treat [PC] | REVIEW

Death or Treat has a charming Halloween vibe, but its repetitive gameplay mechanics and awkward loot system do make it hard to recommend.

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