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Breathing Fear | REVIEW

Breathing Fear has a neat concept, but the pressure it puts on players to rush and the perma-death aspect of failure could be pretty annoying.

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Riverbond | REVIEW

Riverbond is a simple yet pleasant dungeon-crawling experience, but it doesn’t offer enough variety with to keep players hooked in for the long-term.

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The Climb | REVIEW

Gamers who fancy an extreme virtual reality experience that’ll send them to some epic heights won’t want to miss out on The Climb’s treacherous thrills.

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EarthNight | REVIEW

EarthNight is incredibly stylish and full of personality, but the auto-running gameplay saw me getting bored of it after just a few hours play.

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Stardust Odyssey | REVIEW

Stardust Odyssey offers an enjoyable sci-fi adventure that’s blend of stealth-looting and all-out thrills makes for a fun virtual reality experience.

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SIMULACRA is unique and eerie, with its take on the ‘found-phone’ genre making for a mystery that kept me hooked in throughout.

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