Black and white visuals? Check. A terrifying setting? Check. Flesh eating zombies? Double check. Whilst that may sound familiar to fans of the classic zombie movies, I’m actually talking about upcoming zombie horde sim Zombie Night Terror. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action:

It reminds me a ton of classic puzzler Lemmings which is awesome seeing as I absolutely love the game. It’s a nice to actually play as zombies as opposed to killing them too – I mean, zombies have feelings too you know. Zombie Night Terror is looking great though and I’m certainly looking forward to checking it out when it’s released.

We recently got a chance to speak to Zombie Night Terror developer NoClip and find out a few things about the game, including what zombie movies inspired it and what threats the zombies face on their flesh-eating journey – check it out below:

Q. Firstly, how would you describe Zombie Night Terror to someone who has never heard of the game?

Our zombies are the love children of lemmings and zombies. You play as the zombies so you are the apocalypse. Your goal is to turn every single living creature into a walking dead.

Zombie Night Terror

Q. Zombie Night Terror bears a similarity to classic puzzler Lemmings in that you control a variety of different types of zombie and send them to their possible death (or second death?!), all in the name of success. What different types of zombies are there in the game and what abilities will they have?

In addition to your garden-variety zombie, there are three types of zombies in the game:

– The Overlord lets you direct your horde of zombies, which is useful to change direction or park them in a corner.
– The Crawler can climb walls, fall without taking any damage and attack from behind without being heard. He is useful for attacks that require stealth rather than brute force.
– The Tank is enormous and very strong, he can break through walls and take a lot of damage. He can also be used to shield the other zombies coming up behind him.

Each zombie can also be affected by mutations (chosen by the player), to make them explode (to blast through doors and walls), scream (to paralyze enemies) or spit (a long distance weapon).

Q. Obviously it isn’t all plain sailing in Zombie Night Terror and there will be those who will try to take down your beloved zombie horde. What sort of enemies will you face in the game?

The first humans you encounter are pretty harmless, they are just unarmed civilians going about their business … the worst they can do is flee and alert someone else – and some don’t even try and stay frozen by fear.

Pretty quickly you come across armed civilians and cops who can do a lot of damage depending on their weapon.

Obviously, the further you get in the game, the stronger the enemies will be and the game will be more challenging. We won’t go into details but we also have some special characters designed to be killed in a specific manner and, of course, end-of-level bosses.

Zombie Night Terror

Q. We’ve seen the zombies going across a few different environments in the trailers you’ve released for the game. Can you tell us more about the locations the zombies travel through? Will there be any environmental hazards to be wary of?

The first zombie outbreak takes place in the city so the first levels are fought in the streets, a nightclub, a hospital, a subway station and other buildings, each with their own hazards. It’s hard to describe the rest of the game without spoilers, but the latter chapters will feature other types of environment as the invasion progresses beyond the city limits.

Q. Besides video games, zombies are also very popular in movies. Were there any particular zombie movies that inspired you whilst creating Zombie Night Terror?

Not just movies! The main inspiration for the game is the video for Michael Jackson’s Thrillerespecially the choreography of the zombies which have very elaborate moves. Braindead was an inspiration for its crazy humor; and the classic George A. Romero movies (who basically created the genre) were also a source of inspiration – for example, our first trailer is a tribute to Return of the Living Dead.  Finally, the music is greatly influenced by the work of John Carpenter.

Zombie Night Terror

Q. What advice would you give to a gamer playing Zombie Night Terror for the first time?

Remember to pause the game and look around before placing zombies: you could spot details that help you better organize your horde and plan your attack to inflict even more damage to humanity without losing too many of your zombies.

Q. When is Zombie Night Terror getting released and on what platforms?

Zombie Night Terror is due to be released in the spring of 2016, on Steam for PC and Mac. An iPad/Tablet version is a possibility, but will depend on the game’s success.

Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror is coming to us from developers NoClip – find out more on the official website through this link.