Developer: Fun Punch Games (
Formats: Playstation 4, PC
Release Date: December 2016

Check out our interview with Tiago Franco, artist and animator of Strikers Edge:

Q. How would you describe Strikers Edge to someone who had never heard of the game?

It’s like dodgeball with weapons and super powers! You fight as one of 8 strikers, ancient warriors each with its weapon, abilities, stats and playstyle. Matches are short and intense, with dexterity, strategy and mindgames as some of the key combat elements. You can have a go in 1vs1 and 2vs2 matches locally with your friends in a couch party or online, with ranked ladders. You’ll be able to own – or get owned by – your opponents in 4 different arenas featuring different traps and quirks. So far people who tried have described it as “fast, fun and intense!” The game also features this retro looking 16bit pixel art style, which makes it that much more charming.

Q. It’s been revealed there are eight different characters to control in Strikers Edge. Can you tell us more about a few of them and how they play differently in-game?

So far we’ve got Eir, the valkyrie, Argalus, a spartan, and Urgul, the barbarian. Each of them features different weapons, abilities, stats, etc. Each of them has a skillset designed to be more focused on attack, defence or utility, yet their “kit” is flexible enough that they can fit in other role(s), depending on the players style and skill. We’ll be revealing more characters soon and documenting its development, so get in the loop!

Strikers Edge

Q. In the initial trailer we’ve seen one of the game’s four different arenas. Are there big differences between each arena or is it more of a cosmetic change to vary things up?

Arenas are drastically different from each other. Not only in location and looks but also in layout, strategy, hazards, and traps. You’ll fight in amazingly crafted pixel art scenery with gorgeous animation and deep strategic elements to keep you on your toes.

Q. Is the game multiplayer exclusive or will there be some form of single player component for gamers?

The game is planned to be multiplayer focused but we’re not closing doors to something like a single-player campaign, for example.

Q. There’s a big focus on climbing the leaderboards and achieving greatness in Strikers Edge. How do the leaderboards work? Do they primarily focus on wins and losses or do they take other in-game stats into account too?

The leaderboard will feature an elo rating system in order to rank players in the most fair and accurate way possible. Player skill is the only thing measured in the leaderboards.

Strikers Edge

Q. When can we expect to see Strikers Edge and on what platforms?

You can expect Strikers Edge to hit the PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4 by December 2016.

Q. Finally, can you tell us something about Strikers Edge that no-one outside of the development team knows?

Yeah, absolutely. Let me think here… It’s our first commercial game, it started out as a Global Game Jam submission, developed in Game Maker, before we jumped to Unity and brought it to a higher standard. You’ll be able to know a lot more insider information about Strikers Edge on our future development streams on twitch:

Strikers Edge

You can find out more about Strikers Edge on the game’s official website – click here to check it out.