It’s Christmas!

Yes, it’s that time of the year where you’ve got to try and pick the PERFECT Christmas present for your family and friends. It’s never easy and with an abundance of different gifts to be found on store shelves, it’s always difficult to know what exactly to buy.

Well, after the terrific Black Friday deals on PlayStation VR, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of gamers itching to get the ideal game for their new shiny headsets underneath their Christmas tree this year. The problem is, a lot of the system’s catalogue is only available digitally, and we all know you can’t wrap digital games and give them to Santa to deliver (wink, wink).

Thankfully, there are some stand out titles on PlayStation VR that have had a physical release. To save you the fuss of perusing through them all to pick the right one to buy, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourites based upon their genre and mentioned why we recommend them. Take a look at our ‘PlayStation VR Gift Guide – Physical Games’ down below, find the genre that you’re after, and hopefully you’ll find the perfect (wrap-able) virtual reality experience for your loved ones this year.

These titles are available across most video game retailers, including Amazon UK and GAME.

First-Person Shooters

Blood and Truth

There’s nothing quite like a London-based gangster story, is there?

Well, Blood and Truth tells one, with players put in the role of an ex-soldier who has to protect his family from a crime boss. How does he do this? By going through a series of levels, bouncing between cover, and taking shots at everyone in his path. It’s a straight-forward shooting concept, but it’s one that’s brought to life with its fantastic cinematic presentation and slick set pieces. Blood and Truth is simply one of the best shooters available on PlayStation VR and a must-play for fans of the genre.


I love seeing established franchises make their way to virtual reality, so DOOM VFR hitting PlayStation VR had me oozing with excitement.

It delivered everything I wanted from a virtual reality DOOM game too – fast-paced action, plenty of demons to kill, insane weapons to use, and an eerie sci-fi environment to explore. It’s disappointing that DOOM Eternal got delayed until next year, but at least newcomers to PlayStation VR can get their fix with DOOM VFR.

Action Games


Everyone wants to be a ninja, right? Well, Sairento lets you live out that fantasy as you run across walls, slice at enemies with a selection of swords, and blast them from afar with guns.

There’s a neat campaign to go along with the action as well as the ability to play online with others, so there’s plenty of action to get stuck into. The best thing about Sairento is just how COOL you feel when playing – the action flows together in a satisfying manner and it never stops feeling awesome to slice down your foes.



SUPERHOT changes up the first-person shooting/stabbing/throwing genre by having time only progress when you’re physically moving. This was brilliant when played normally anyway, but in virtual reality with motion controls, it’s even better. Players face an assortment of scenarios that’ll test their accuracy and reflexes, whilst the choice of weapons at your disposal and antics you get up to will make you feel like you’re John Wick. SUPERHOT VR is simply an action-packed experience that feels brilliant to play.

Adventure Games


Now this one very nearly didn’t make the list thanks to its awkward control scheme, but thankfully the developer has been hard at work to introduce some fixes that make it a much easier experience to play.

Basically, Golem sees you control giant stone creatures as you navigate a dangerous city which is filled with small puzzles and other Golems to battle in combat. It’s in the combat that Golem really shines, with each encounter requiring a balance of both defensive and offensive manoeuvres in order to survive – it’s simple enough in theory, but makes for some intense battles in-game. Add to that a truly impressive world to explore and some excellent visuals, and it’s easy to see that Golem offers an enjoyable adventure for PlayStation VR gamers to embark on.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim VR

It’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in virtual reality… what more do you want me to say?

Well, I could mention that it actually looks really good in virtual reality, controls well with either the DualShock or two Move controllers, and features all of the DLC in the package too. Believe me, playing this game in virtual reality is simply outstanding and it’ll even ‘wow’ gamers who’ve already spent hundreds of hours exploring Skyrim before. Just wait until you encounter that dragon for the first time…

Platforming Games

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is one of my FAVOURITE virtual reality games. It features a myriad of colourful levels full of varied platforming sequences, quirky enemies to beat up, and clever tools for the player to use to help out the titular hero. Plus, there are Challenge Levels to unlock and clear, coins to find to unlock new gadgets for your home base, and epic boss encounters that look fantastic in virtual reality.

Add to all of that a lovable little protagonist, and you’ve got yourself one of the best games available on PlayStation VR.


Mice are adorable little creatures, so naturally leading one on a mighty adventure across beautiful landscapes in Moss was always going to be great. With plenty of picturesque environments to scurry across, environmental-puzzles to solve, and tough foes to take down, there really is a special journey to be had here. This was one of the first games that hit PlayStation VR that proved that it was a platform to be taken seriously.

The free ‘Twilight Garden’ DLC launched this year too, so there’s even more adventuring to partake in now. There’s no better time than now to dive into the wonderful world of Moss.

Puzzle Games

Groundhog Day: Like Father, Like Son

A sequel to the Bill Murray movie from the early 90s might seem like a peculiar game to make its way to PlayStation VR, but Groundhog Day: Like Father, Like Son’s puzzling adventure actually makes for a thoroughly enjoyable escapade.

Much like the movie, Groundhog Day: Like Father, Like Son sees you re-living the same day over and over and changing each little thing you do or interact with until you’re finally able to progress, with new things popping up with each variation you take. It makes for a novel experience that wouldn’t be so enjoyable without the virtual reality implementation, with the clever premise encouraging the player to get on their thinking cap to work their way through the day… over and over again. It’s a original idea that makes for a pleasantly enjoyable gameplay experience, whilst fans of the original movie will appreciate all of the little nods it makes too.

Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant isn’t just a fun puzzler that features a wonderful world to be a part of, but it also has an emotionally-driven narrative that’ll tug at your heart strings throughout. It gives gamers a series of diorama-like landscapes to play around with, all whilst helping protagonist Louis out and solving clever little puzzles. It’s charming, playful, and packed with fun ideas that just make it an enchanting experience to be a part of.

Just watch out for those basketball challenges – they’re HARD!

Racing Games

WipEout Omega Collection

WipEout is already one of the more intense racers out there thanks to its futuristic setup and high speed racing, so playing it in virtual reality was always going to be a blast.

WipEout Omega Collection was even better than I could’ve hoped though, with the breakneck speeds of the racing, the showdowns with rival racers, and the wealth of content establishing it as the definitive racing experience on PlayStation VR. It’s so good that I’d even recommend picking it up for non-racing fans.

Horror Games

Resident Evil 7: biohazard

Resident Evil 7: biohazard didn’t just mark a return to form for the Resident Evil franchise, but it also brought with it one of the most frightening experiences available on PlayStation VR.

A lot of people have probably played this game already, but experiencing it in virtual reality is a completely different ball game. The tension is ramped up ten-fold, each encounter with one of the vicious monsters will send a chill up your spine, whilst the Baker family are up there with some of the best villains in the series. What more could you want from a Resident Evil game? It’s one of the best titles available on PlayStation VR and it’s simply unmissable for horror fans.

Arizona Sunshine

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Arizona Sunshine is a bona fide horror experience, because it does feel a bit more light-hearted when compared to the likes of Resident Evil 7: biohazard. However, it does feature plenty of zombies to take down, so it counts!

It’s got an enjoyable campaign to work through that’s full of action-orientated set pieces, plus there’s even the option to play in multiplayer with a friend. Whilst it’s not going to win too many points for originality, Arizona Sunshine is still a very good virtual reality title that blends together horror and shooting nicely.

Sports Games

Everybody’s Golf VR

There aren’t many physical releases of sports games on PlayStation VR right now, though players itching to get their competitive fix will certainly enjoy Everybody’s Golf VR.

Naturally, the movement required for golf works perfectly with the Move controllers, whilst those who want to take it a bit easier physically will be glad to know they can use a DualShock controller instead. There’s also plenty of content to unlock in the game, whilst the colourful and sharp visuals look fantastic in the PlayStation VR headset. I’m not the biggest fan of golf, but I had a whole lot of fun playing Everybody’s Golf VR.

Creative Games

CoolPaintr VR Deluxe Edition

Some gamers won’t be interested in shooting, racing, or adventuring in their new PlayStation VR headset – they’ll just want to have some creative fun. That’s where CoolPaintr VR Deluxe Edition comes in.

CoolPaintr VR Deluxe Edition gives gamers the opportunity to paint and sculpt their own little creations in virtual reality, with a variety of tools and painting options at their disposal. It’s a fun little experience that anyone in the family could enjoy, whilst being able to fully explore your creation in virtual reality afterwards just never stopped being satisfying.