We’ve seen a good few mobile-based titles make their way over to the Nintendo Switch, with the portable nature of the console as well as the touch screen capabilities making it the perfect console to make the transition to. Mekorama, the cute and charming puzzler from Martin Magni and Rainy Frog, is one of the latest mobile titles to make the shift, bringing with it additional puzzles for Switch gamers to really sink their teeth into.

Mekorama is very simple in design, with players tasked with leading a robot across an assortment of 3D environments. You’re actually able to interact with these environments along the way, with the player able to shift platforms, rotate blocks, activate levers, or simply move obstacles around in order to make the path clear – there are also enemies to avoid as you progress and a big emphasis on rotating the camera carefully to see what’s ahead, so you do have your work cut out for you. It’s all very simple in design though, and whilst some levels can be more challenging and require a bit more thought from the player, the game never feels stressful or overly intimidating to puzzling newbies. It’s fun stuff.


There are a good few levels to work through in Mekorama, with one-hundred available in total that are set across four increasingly tougher difficulty levels. Those harder levels are typically bigger in scale, with Mekorama certainly not shy when it comes to taking advantage of the verticality offered in its levels. Once you’ve cleared those levels, you can try your hand at crafting some of your own via the in-game level creator. Admittedly, it can be a little bit fiddly to get to grips with, but it offers everything you need to put together your own assortment of levels so those with a flair of creativity should have fun with it.


Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any way to share levels right now, so their play will be limited to just yourself or those who are around you locally. Hopefully, some sharing functionality will be introduced in the future because I’d have a lot of fun playing through other player’s creations and getting an extra fix of Mekorama action.


Everything in-game looks cute and clean, with the visuals of Mekorama clear throughout to ensure players are never hindered when trying to unravel each puzzle. The control schemes on offer are solid too, with both touch and controller-based controls available for players to tinker around with. For the most part, I found the touch controls to be the best, but when you need that extra little bit of precision it was nice to be able to just click away.



Mekorama is a simple and fun puzzler that offers a good few hours of enjoyment to puzzling fans. It is a bit of shame that the level creator doesn’t have any sharing options because it’d bring a potentially endless assortment of levels to play in the long run, but there’s still plenty here for Switch players to enjoy at a nice budget price.

Developer: Martin Magni
Publisher: Rainy Frog
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox One