One of the best things about Dreams, Media Molecule’s delightful creation suite that allows players to make all sorts of creative gaming experience of their own, is the way that it lets users share their creations and form a community of dreamers. Well, Media Molecule are looking to celebrate that once more, with the second annual ‘Impy Awards’ taking place on February 14th.

What are the ‘Impy Awards’, I hear you ask? A PlayStation rep has described them as,

The Impys are Media Molecule’s annual awards show for Dreams, an incredible platform where you can share and collaborate with others or play and explore the creations of people around the world. The awards recognise and reward the most creative creations and creators within the Dreamiverse and this year’s show will be a huge celebration of the game and its community which will be brought to life next Sunday.

It sounds pretty great – it’s always nice to celebrate creativity in gaming, and believe me, some of the stuff that Dreams’ creators come up with are pretty unbelievable. You can check out last year’s show in the video down below:

Players can tune into the Impy Awards on Sunday 14th February at 5pm GMT on Youtube or Twitch. You can find out more about the event on the PlayStation Blog through this link.