Samus Aran makes her eagerly anticipated return today, with Metroid Dread now available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look at the game in action in the overview trailer down below:

Upon investigating a mysterious transmission on Planet ZDR, Samus faces a mysterious foe that traps her in this dangerous world. The remote planet has been overrun by vicious alien lifeforms and murderous robots called E.M.M.I. Hunt or be hunted as you make your way through a labyrinth of enemies in Samus’ most intense side-scrolling adventure yet.

Guide Samus Aran, an intergalactic bounty hunter raised by an ancient tribe, and traverse the many environments of a dangerous world. Parkour over obstacles, slide through tight spaces, counter enemies, and battle your way through the planet. Through her countless missions, Samus has never experienced a threat like the dread of ZDR.

Gain abilities and return to previous areas to find new areas and hidden upgrades in classic Metroid gameplay. Planet ZDR’s sprawling map is home to many secrets to discover and powers to find. You’ll need to be prepared to evade and destroy E.M.M.I. robots and overcome the dread plaguing ZDR.

The game has proven a hit with critics across the board so far, with the game launching with an 88 Metacritic score as well as a bunch of perfect scores. It shows there’s definitely room for the old school-style Metroid titles alongside the eagerly anticipated Metroid Prime 4 then…

Check out a gallery of screenshots down below:

Metroid Dread is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Check it out on the Nintendo eShop through this link.