Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the latest release featuring the iconic pink hero (and the first fully 3D title he has starred in), is out now on the Nintendo Switch, bringing with it a wondrous foray into a peculiar world where Kirby… well… eats lots of stuff. Check out the trailer down below to see what I mean:

More about Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Explore a mysterious new world either solo or with a friend, discover new Copy Abilities and battle a bevy of beasts in Kirby and the Forgotten Land on Nintendo Switch!

One day, a strange vortex appears in the sky over Planet Popstar, sucking in everything around it…including Kirby! Waking up in an abandoned world where civilisation and nature have become one, Kirby finds the Waddle Dees have been captured by a gang known as the Beast Pack.

Now, with his mystical new friend Elfilin by his side, Kirby sets off on a grand adventure to rescue the Waddle Dees and return home!

A whole new world awaits! Discover many different regions, each with multiple levels to venture through and objectives to complete. Explore by running, jumping and climbing, then inhale enemies to either copy their abilities or spit them back out as projectiles against others!

Hunt high and low for hidden areas and treasures, as well as secret objectives along the way. But watch out, because the Beast Pack won’t go down without a fight! Face off against the fierce bosses and defeat these fearsome foes once and for all.

Need a helping hand on your adventure? Then pull in a friend for local co-op multiplayer and watch as Bandana Waddle Dee joins the action with his trusty spear!

The game is currently sitting on a score of 84 on MetaCritic, so it has certainly proved popular with critics – let’s hope gamers are just as enamoured with the adventure when they get their hands on it today! I know I can’t wait to play it…

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is out now on the Nintendo Switch. You can purchase the game on the Nintendo eShop through this link.