Triangle Strategy, the tactical RPG from Square Enix that embraces the HD-2D visual style previously used in Octopath Traveller, is now available on the Nintendo Switch, giving players a strategic experience that balances out thrilling battles with tricky moral choices.

Check out the game’s latest trailer down below:

More about Triangle Strategy:

Determine the fate of three powerful kingdoms in Triangle Strategy, a tactical RPG presented in stunning HD-2D on Nintendo Switch. In this deep, branching story, guide Serenoa Wolffort and his faithful companions through strategic battles and arduous moral choices. Will you espouse virtuous morality, unwavering liberty or pragmatic utility? To each their own convictions.

Weigh your choices wisely – the Scales of Conviction can decide the fate of Norzelia itself. Will you partake in betrayal and shadowy schemes, or rely on honour and resolute bravery? Key choices you make will bolster one of three convictions – Utility, Morality and Liberty – and shape Serenoa’s character, as well as the story.

Your party will hold staunch convictions of their own, and when faced with truly momentous decisions, all will cast their vote on the scales. You must therefore possess the talent of persuasion to tilt the Scales of Conviction in your favour. Converse with your companions, hear their reasoning and sway them to your cause. If your heart is not set on one course, explore your surroundings and see what you may glean from the locals before making your decision.

To prevail against your enemies, you must be learned in the ways of strategy. Use sword, sorcery and masterful positioning to your advantage. Survey the battlefield and carefully craft your plans during the battle preparation phase.

The game is currently sitting at a score of 83 on MetaCritic, so it has proven popular amongst reviewers. Hopefully, it’ll keep gamers entertained too, with its deep narrative, slick visuals, and exciting combat sure to tick plenty of boxes for RPG fans.

Triangle Strategy is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Check it out on the Nintendo eShop through this link.