Horror movies have seen plenty of attention in video games over the last few years, whether that’s with the Friday the 13th game, the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, or the appearance of countless iconic villains in Dead by Daylight. It’s never been more fun to battle against (or play as) some of the most vicious baddies from the horror movies… maybe it’s time that one of the most memorable horror heroes gets their time in the spotlight too, then? Enter Evil Dead: The Game, an asymmetrical four-versus-one multiplayer experience that sees players taking on the role of Ash and company as they look to stop the deadly evils of the Necronomicon.

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Much like those aforementioned titles, Evil Dead: The Game is a co-op focused experience that sees four survivors working together as they battle the Kandarian Demon across locales based around the Evil Dead franchise. The franchise is represented in its entirety too, with characters and variations of Ash on offer from Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, and Ash vs Evil Dead (which I’d highly recommend watching if you have Netflix).

When playing as the survivors, the experience is broken down into five phases: finding pieces of a map scattered across the environment, gathering and defending pages from the Necronomicon, collecting and defending the Kandarian dagger, using the Kandarian dagger to destroy the Dark Ones, and then defending the Necronomicon from the onslaught of Deadites as the spell to seal it completes. Sounds like a complicated process, right? Well, it can be early on, especially when you’re learning the ins-and-outs of the game, but it actually helps make the gameplay feel varied and ensures matches never get repetitive. Whilst you’ve got a range of objectives to complete, the game does give you an indicator as to where you need to go to complete them so you’re not aimlessly running around, whilst the reliance on teamwork and the unpredictability of the player-controlled Kandarian Demon means you never quite know what to expect – whether that’s a sabotaged loot box, a possessed ally, or, of course, an evil tree attacking you, just to name a few deadly instances.

There’s plenty to stop you from achieving your objectives, with countless Deadites wandering around to kill you. Luckily, there are PLENTY of weapons of varying power and rarity to find and use, ranging from things like axes, swords, and chainsaws, to pistols, rifles, and crossbows. Iconic weapons from the Evil Dead franchise rear their head and they’re all pretty effective at killing baddies. Be warned, though: ammo is scarce, so you’ve got to pick your shots carefully when battling foes. Luckily for me, I found the melee combat more satisfying anyway, so it never felt like a big problem. It is worth noting that you shouldn’t expect DEEP combat mechanics though, with it mostly a case of mashing attacks and hitting a signature move when you break an enemy’s defence. It offers enough to ensure battling isn’t dull, but it could feel a little clunky and simple at times too.

“The reliance on teamwork and the unpredictability of the player-controlled Kandarian Demon means you never quite know what to expect – whether that’s a sabotaged loot box, a possessed ally, or, of course, an evil tree attacking you, just to name a few deadly instances.”

Ultimately, teamwork makes the dream work in Evil Dead: The Game, so it’s definitely worth seeking out your allies and working together. Whether defending an objective, exploring your surroundings, or having someone there to help you back up if you get downed, it’s always handy to work closely with another player. Being around another player also helps subside your fear, with a meter building up when exploring solo or when away from light sources that’ll see visions of enemies haunt your screen if you let it fill up. It’s a cool idea that caught me off-guard on PLENTY of occasions, with it giving players a small jump scare that feels befitting of the Evil Dead franchise.

My favourite moment of teamwork so far came in my first online game, where I found myself wandering down a road aimlessly and getting attacked by Deadites. Luckily, a pair of my teammates sped to me in a car, mowed down the Deadites, and drove me with them to the objective – all whilst picking up the fourth player on the way. It was a moment that made me smile and, despite none of us communicating on headsets at the time, it showed that you’ll have the most success AND fun in the game when working as a team.

There are multiple survivors to pick between in the game, with each coming under a different class that gives them a special ability and play style. These include Leaders that buff the team, Warriors that focus on fighting up-close, Hunters that focus on ranged combat, and Support that look to help keep teammates alive. Ultimately, your choice of character will come down to how you like to play, but with a levelling system in place that allows you to upgrade their skills, it’s definitely worth focusing on one in particular if you want to see everything they have to offer. Swapping up does add a bit more variety to the experience, but it’s something you typically only see the benefit of when working with a co-ordinated team.

“The look, the characters, the locations, the enemies, the eerie yet comical vibe – it captures everything that makes Evil Dead so beloved by fans and translates it all into a gaming experience that feels befitting of the name. “

Things change up when playing as the Kandarian Demon, with players instead collecting energy from around the map to power up their actions whilst looking to kill the survivors. There are three demons to choose from that each play differently, with the Warlord directly attacking survivors, the Necromancer summoning skeletons, and the Puppeteer possessing units to attack. They’re all fun to play as and bring something different to the fray, whilst it’s also possible to eventually summon a boss enemy to go down on the ground and get up-close and personal in battle with other players – it’s in these moments that the Kandarian Demon player can be more than a strategist and cause some REAL hurt, and believe me, there’s nothing more rewarding than finishing off a team of players just as they’re on the cusp of victory.

There’s a lot to enjoy in Evil Dead: The Game as either the survivors or the Kandarian Demon, with each offering a gameplay experience that feels both strategic and manic. There’s something especially fun about playing as the demon against a team of inexperienced players, whilst working together carefully and tactically with three other players to vanquish a vicious foe is equally rewarding. It gets the perfect balance between both modes to ensure either side has a fighting chance, and whilst the reliance on teamwork can be a hindrance when playing as the survivors, you’ll never feel like the odds are stacked against you even IF you’re facing off against an onslaught of Deadites, one of your teammates has been possessed, or you have a god damn tree hunting you down. It’s challenging but always fair.

I’d be lying if I said my experience hadn’t been soured by some bad teammates, though. There have been plenty of occasions so far where my allies ran off, got themselves isolated, and died, making them a bit of a burden when trying to complete objectives. Whilst there is a natural learning curve, I had this occur with higher level players too, so it can be more of a playstyle-thing as opposed to inexperience. Of course, you can play with AI allies or against an AI foe if you prefer, but it’s not quite the same.

On the flipside, I also got to play with friends and strangers who were willing to communicate and work as a team, and it was during those matches that Evil Dead: The Game REALLY shone. With its variety of objectives, cool maps, and great weaponry, Evil Dead: The Game can really rival any other four-versus-one multiplayer title when players work as a team.

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Those who do prefer single player will be happy to see there are AI options in place though, whilst there is also a small selection of single player missions to complete based around sequences from across the Evil Dead franchise. These aren’t particularly meaty in any way, but the references they make to the movies are great and they act as a cool way for players to acclimatise themselves with the gameplay – plus, they give you the chance to unlock extra characters, which is always a treat. Just don’t expect some fleshed-out campaign or unique experience with the missions, otherwise you might find yourself feeling a little underwhelmed.

The big question with Evil Dead: The Game is how long can it stay fun for? There is a repetitive loop in the gameplay cycle after all, so does it offer enough to keep players coming back for more? Well, after a long weekend playing with both strangers and friends, I’m still having a great time. Sure, there’s a sense of familiarity that has kicked in (especially since the game had just two maps), but I’ve enjoyed changing things up with my character choice and weaponry, whilst the unpredictability of the Kandarian Demon you’ll play against (or as) adds a spark of excitement to each match too. With the promise of a free new map based around Castle Kandar coming in the future, there’s plenty to look forward to. It could be argued that it could have done with a bit more content at launch, but with two expansive maps full of things to see, plenty of progression offered by levelling up characters, and the game’s lower budget price point, it’s hard to complain too much.

I can’t end this review without mentioning how well the game manages to… well… FEEL like Evil Dead. The look, the characters, the locations, the enemies, the eerie yet comical vibe – it captures everything that makes Evil Dead so beloved by fans and translates it all into a gaming experience that feels befitting of the name. As a fan of the movies and show, it’s one of the things that kept me hooked in the most, with it clear that the developers also shared that same passion when putting the game together. It all looks the part too with some pleasantly slick visuals, whilst the excellent voice acting adds a sense of authenticity to the whole experience.

Evil Dead: The Game Review


Evil Dead: The Game is an addictive horror romp that blends survival and hunting gameplay together into one heck of an excitingly strategic experience. Whether working together as a team to vanquish the evil or hunting down my prey as the Kandarian Demon, I had a really good time – especially when playing with friends who were willing to work together carefully as a team.

Add to that the authentic Evil Dead vibe and it’ll be clear there’s a whole lot to like about the game. It would be nicer if there was a bit more content at launch and I’d be lying if I said some matches didn’t feel a little bit repetitive, but there’s more than enough on offer in Evil Dead: The Game to keep four-versus-one multiplayer fans hooked in for a long time.

Developer: Boss Team Games
Publisher: Saber Interactive
Platform(s): PlayStation 5 (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC
Website: https://evildeadthegame.com/en/