I played Moss: Book II when it launched on PlayStation VR earlier this year and was a BIG fan, stating that:

“Moss: Book II improves upon its predecessor in every way with its more expansive world, more varied combat and puzzle mechanics, and longer playtime that helps flesh the adventure out. I’ll admit, I thought it was just going to be more of the same early on (which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing), but it didn’t take long for the wealth of new ideas to take shape and help the game offer a more varied and entertaining adventure than before.”

So yeah, I liked it a LOT. However, I find myself preferring to play my Meta Quest 2 over my PlayStation VR these days, not only because it’s portable but also because I prefer the tracking functionality and controllers. Naturally then, I was excited to see the game make its way to the platform, with Moss: Book II now available on the Meta Quest 2.

I decided to check it out and see how it played on the platform and how it compares to the PlayStation VR version. With that in mind, it’s worth noting that this review won’t cover the ins-and-outs of Moss: Book II’s gameplay, but will instead focus on how it feels to play on the Meta Quest 2. Want a more detailed review? You can check out my PlayStation VR review through this link.

Check out some screenshots down below:

When it comes to the gameplay, Moss: Book II feels great to play on the Meta Quest 2 – it gets all of the basics right and even makes some improvements over the PlayStation VR version. The controls are intuitive when using the Touch controllers, the gameplay is smooth and has no technical hiccups, whilst the loading times are non-intrusive and don’t keep you out of the action for too long. The one big improvement is the fact that you’re able to use both hands on the Meta Quest 2, meaning it’s easier to interact with the world and players are given a lot more freedom with their actions. It could often feel more intrusive on PlayStation VR where you’re limited to holding the DualShock controller in both hands and have to make sure you keep in range of the camera tracking, but I was able to move my arms around freely and perform actions as the Reader with minimal fuss. It felt great and just makes your presence in the world feel more believable.

Ultimately, the biggest differences between the Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR versions of Moss: Book II come with the visuals.

It is worth noting that the game looks great on the Meta Quest 2, with plenty of detail found in the world, the same charming animations bringing characters to life, and an atmospheric vibe constantly felt that makes you really feel like you are a part this rich fantasy world. And hey, in some cases it’d be difficult to notice many differences between the two platforms, especially when you’re focusing on the action of the gameplay instead.

However, when you really take in your surroundings, it’s clear that the PlayStation VR version trumps the Meta Quest 2 when it comes to the presentation. Whether it’s with the more detailed textures, the impressive lighting effects (which are often missing on the Meta Quest 2), or just the extra flora and fauna that fills out the world, there’s a lot more visual depth on PlayStation VR. It’s a common theme when it comes to comparing the two headsets so it’s not unusual, but there are some obvious differences to be found if you played through Moss: Book II on both platforms.

Check out some screenshots down below:

Does it mean that Moss: Book II feels inferior on the Meta Quest 2? Heck no. This is still the same brilliant adventure that brought me plenty of joy across its puzzling and platforming when I played through it earlier in the year on PlayStation VR, and it’s still one of the most impressive looking titles on the Meta Quest 2. In fact, I preferred playing through the game on the Meta Quest 2 for convenience alone, whilst the sharper resolution could actually make the game look better in some instances.

Ultimately, it’ll be a preference thing: do you prefer the convenience offered by the Meta Quest 2 headset or would you prefer the more detailed visuals of PlayStation VR? You’re still getting a brilliant game either way, with both headsets offering an excellent and memorable adventure that manages to live up to (and in many ways improve over) its predecessor.

Moss: Book II Review

Moss: Book II is brilliant to play on the Meta Quest 2, with Quill’s charming adventure just as fun as it was on PlayStation VR. Sure, it has lost some visual detail here and there in the transition from PlayStation VR, but it still looks beautiful and gets all of the important things right– and hey, the controls actually feel better thanks to the freedom offered by the pair of Touch controllers, so there are even some improvements made.

What more could you want? Moss: Book II is simply an unmissable VR title that’s great to play across all platforms.

Developer: Polyarc
Publisher: Polyarc
Platform(s): Meta Quest 2 (Reviewed), PlayStation VR
Website: https://www.polyarcgames.com/