Triangle Strategy launched on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year to rave reviews, with the strategic RPG action proving a hit with both players and critics alike. I actually reviewed the game myself, where I stated that:

“Triangle Strategy is an enthralling experience that’s blend of intriguing story-telling and enjoyable strategic battling kept me hooked in from start to end. Whilst it is guilty of being story-heavy at times, the brilliantly implemented choice-making and varied battling ensure that it never feels like it drags its feet.”

I really enjoyed my time with the game and found that it felt impressive on the Nintendo Switch, even if there were a few minor shortcomings with the performance here and there.

Now, just over a half a year on from that release, the game has made its way to PC, bringing with it the same enthralling adventure but with an improved performance. I’m happy to report that it feels amazing to play too, especially on the Steam Deck which feels like the perfect place to experience the adventure.

Check out some screenshots down below:

Given that we’ve already reviewed Triangle Strategy in the past, this review will focus on the PC performance and how it holds up. To learn more about the gameplay and narrative (which are both excellent), you can check out my original review through this link.

One of the obvious improvements players will notice from the get-go is the performance, which runs perfectly on modern hardware. Playing the game at 4K with a 60fps frame rate made the already top-notch visuals look even more impressive, with the silky-smooth motion ensuring that the strategic battling is more enthralling to see unfold (especially since the Nintendo Switch version ran at 30fps with some stutters). Some players might be disappointed that it caps at a 60fps frame rate, but given that Triangle Strategy is a slower-paced tactical experience, it’s hard to complain too much. Players can fine-tune different settings based upon their PC’s capabilities (things like the Render Resolution, Anti-Aliasing, Shadows, and Post Processing), but everything still looks fantastic even when playing on the lower settings. It isn’t too demanding when it comes to specs, so even lower end PCs should be capable of running it quite well.

“Playing the game at 4K with a 60fps frame rate made the already top-notch visuals look even more impressive, with the silky-smooth motion ensuring that the strategic battling is more enthralling to see unfold (especially since the Nintendo Switch version ran at 30fps with some stutters).”

When it comes to other bells and whistles, Triangle Strategy is a bit more limited. Whilst keyboard and mouse support is a welcome addition for strategy fans, there is no additional content or new game options to try and revamp the experience for returning players. It’s literally a direct port, albeit one that looks and runs better than its Nintendo Switch counterpart. This isn’t a big problem, especially since it has hit PCs just over six months on from its initial release, but you should keep your expectations in check if you were hoping for some extra goodies to play around with.

One of the most significant aspects of the Steam release is the game’s Steam Deck Verified status, meaning players can dive right into Triangle Strategy on their fancy handheld PCwith no tinkering required. It runs REALLY well too, with the game playable at a solid 60fps frame rate (with some minor hitches) at high settings – this got around three hours of battery life out of it too, giving players plenty of time to get a solid play session in. You can bump the battery life up a bit if you lower the settings down or play at a lower frame rate (40fps is a sweet spot for the Steam Deck), so players can fiddle around to get the experience they want. Whichever way you play, it looks and players significantly better than it does on the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode – given how impressed I already was with the game on the platform, it really shows just how good the Steam Deck is.

Check out some screenshots down below:

Add to all of that the fact that Triangle Strategy just so happens to be a ton of fun to play and it becomes an easy recommendation for PC strategy-RPG fans. It looks good, the story is gripping, and the gameplay is tense and exciting, with plenty of tactical nuance demanded to succeed through each battle – sure, there’s a bit of an over-reliance on grinding in places, but it doesn’t dampen the experience. It is worth noting that some battles can last a long time though, so be wary if you’re running short of battery if you’re playing on the Steam Deck. If you’re close to a power supply, you’re good, but if not, you won’t want to be caught out and lose any progress.

Triangle Strategy Review

Triangle Strategy was already a fantastic RPG on the Nintendo Switch, but it feels even better on both PC and Steam Deck. The improved visuals and performance ensure the strategic action looks better than ever, whilst being able to play with a mouse and keyboard is sure to please tactical purists. And sure, it may not come with any new features as far as the gameplay experience is concerned, but seeing an already beautiful game look and run better than before is always a plus in my eyes.

Developer: Square Enix, Artdink
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform(s): PC (Reviewed), Nintendo Switch