I reviewed Marvel’s Iron Man VR when it launched on PlayStation VR back in 2020, and I was a big fan of the game. Whilst it had a bit of a mixed reception from critics, I loved the all-out action and found some its shortcomings easy to forgive, stating that:

“Marvel’s Iron Man VR delivers an excellent action-packed experience that really allows players to see how fricking brilliant it’d be to be Tony Stark. Besides the fact that the Iron Man suit itself is intuitively designed to feel satisfying to use whether you’re simply flying around or blasting away at enemies with its vast arsenal, the game also just so happens to offer an engaging storyline and genuinely enjoyable missions to complete too.”

Like I said, I was a fan. Now, with the game’s release on the Meta Quest 2, I’ve had the chance to re-visit it, and you know what? I like it even more. It doesn’t only fix some of the technical hindrances of the original release, but makes it feel even better to step into the famed suit thanks to the improved controls and enhanced sense of freedom with your movement.

Check out some screenshots down below:

I’m not going to go into depth about the game here, because I’ve already covered it in my original review – you can check that out through this link. Nothing has been changed from a storytelling perspective and there have been no big new additions either, so the core experience remains very much the same (and also VERY good). Instead, I’ll focus on the improvements that have come to the Meta Quest 2 version of the game and how they make it feel better to play.

Firstly, the game manages to look as good as it did on PlayStation VR with just a few minor sacrifices made with texture quality here and there, with the environment rich with detail and the action feeling genuinely destructive. However, the improved resolution of the Meta Quest 2 means you can see objects in the distance with a lot more clarity, which is something players will definitely appreciate when they’re speeding through the skies as Tony Stark. Whilst this may not feel like a big addition to everyone, it was one of the things I noticed immediately when playing.

“There’s just no denying that everything feels better on the Meta Quest 2, with the improvements in the controls, accessibility, and resolution going a long way in making this feel like the definitive version of the game.”

Then you have the improved controls offered by the Touch controllers with thumbstick-driven smooth locomotion, which make playing as Iron Man feel a lot better than using the PlayStation VR’s Move controllers. Whilst having to make motions with the controllers to dictate your direction did add to the realism in the PlayStation VR release, it could make some aspects of flying and performing other actions feel a little bit clumsy. Using the sticks feels a lot more conventional and easier to handle, with the more ‘traditional’ control scheme making it easier to stay on top of the action.

These improved controls are complemented by the freedom to move around 360-degrees, with the PlayStation VR’s dependence on a camera restricting player’s position when trying to keep on top of the action around them. Whilst this never felt like a problem thanks to the game’s control scheme, it feels SO much better being able to turn around freely and blast away at enemies with zero restrictions on the Meta Quest 2.

Check out some screenshots down below:

As I said, I was already a big fan of Marvel’s Iron Man VR on PlayStation VR and had a really good time playing it, so I don’t want it to seem like I’m dunking on the game too much. In fact, I went back and played it on the platform while preparing this review, and it still holds up well now – if you only have PlayStation VR to play virtual reality titles on, it’s still a great place to experience the game.

There’s just no denying that everything feels better on the Meta Quest 2, with the improvements in the controls, accessibility, and resolution going a long way in making this feel like the definitive version of the game. I haven’t even mentioned the loading times yet, which are SIGNIFICANTLY improved upon here… going from waiting close to a minute for a scene to load in PlayStation VR to just a few seconds on the Meta Quest 2 is a huge difference. It just goes to show that the transition from PlayStation VR to Meta Quest 2 wasn’t just a simple port, but a thoughtful release that really does enhance the experience for players.

Marvel's Iron Man VR Review

Marvel’s Iron Man VR was already a great game on PlayStation VR, but the improvements brought with the Meta Quest 2 release make it even better. It controls better, it feels better to play, the loading times are much shorter – a lot of the complaints players had about the game have been improved upon and it makes playing as the iconic Iron Man feel all the more satisfying. It’s one of the Meta Quest 2’s must-own titles and one that Marvel fans DEFINITELY won’t want to miss out on.

Developer: Camouflaj
Publisher: Oculus Studios
Platform(s): Meta Quest 2 (Reviewed, PlayStation VR
Website: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5017327094985781/