After a widely successful launch on the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise has now made its way over to the PlayStation to give Sony gamers a taste of the critically acclaimed action. And you know what? It’s even BETTER to play than before. Sure, PC gamers might have already had the chance to experience the game in a more souped-up form, but console gamers who are experiencing the game for the first time or coming over from the Nintendo Switch are in for a real treat.

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For those unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter gameplay loop, it’s all about venturing out into the wilds to battle epic beasts, with the goal being to either defeat or capture them. You’re able to face off against smaller creatures along the way as well as gather plenty of loot, but the core experience revolves around finding the best way to take down your hunted prey. There are multiple weapon types to utilise as a means to take them on that all offer vastly different experiences, whilst using the likes of traps or bombs can give players a tactical advantage over foes. Best of all, you can either take to the hunt solo or with up to three friends, with the multiplayer offering one heck of a rewarding co-op experience.

The last big Monster Hunter release to hit the PlayStation was Monster Hunter World, though Monster Hunter Rise offers a different experience thanks to its more streamlined and newbie-friendly approach. For one, you won’t have to spend time investigating where the monster you’re hunting actually is, but instead have it marked on the map for you. Whilst this does shorten the hunt, it alleviates aspects of the game that I admittedly found a little boring in the past – especially when playing solo. It’s worth noting that solo play is a lot more accessible too, with players joined on the hunt by a Palamute and Palico ally, who can support the player with a variety of actions. It’s definitely one of the more approachable entries in the series, with the streamlined aspects making for a more player-friendly experience.

There are other neat little features too, such as the Wirebug that lets you swing, leap, and grapple your way across the environment with ease, whilst being able to ride your Palamute ally makes traversal quicker. There’s also a greater differentiation between the single and multiplayer experience, with the main story progressing via single player-only quests. Whilst this may prove a little divisive for die-hard fans of the series, I felt that it again added to the game’s accessibility and ensured that players are able to see the story through without having to worry too much about grinding on the side or relying on allies to survive.

“Monster Hunter Rise is just so satisfying and addictive to play, with the gameplay loop managing to stay fresh and exciting thanks to the sheer variety of monsters to hunt and the many different ways you can do so.”

There’s an abundance of quests and content to dive into in multiplayer though, so you won’t be left with nothing to do if that’s your preference. In fact, it’s the best way to improve your rank, get more gear, and face off against the most ferocious enemies, so multiplayer still feels like the crux of the experience in Monster Hunter Rise. I’ve been done with the story quests for a while now, but multiplayer? It keeps pulling me back in… I love it.

Monster Hunter Rise is just so satisfying and addictive to play, with the gameplay loop managing to stay fresh and exciting thanks to the sheer variety of monsters to hunt and the many different ways you can do so. Varying up your weapon selection can completely change how the game feels to play, for example, whilst some monster types demand such different strategies that you can spend close to an hour trying to pull off the perfect hunt; it’s time consuming, but it’s also utterly captivating. Meanwhile, the village hub is SO homely that it’s easy to find yourself spending plenty of time there, whether it’s when interacting with others, sorting through your loot and gear, or having a tasty meal to give your character some buffs. It’s just such a rewarding experience, with Monster Hunter Rise introducing more than enough additions and gameplay refinements to ensure the experience remains fresh for returning players.

The one caveat? It doesn’t include the Sunbreak expansion. Whilst it is understandable (and I fully expect it to release in the coming months), it’s a shame PlayStation gamers have to wait to experience some of the engrossing content and features included. Hopefully, it’ll launch sooner rather than later, especially since Nintendo Switch gamers have been able to enjoy it for some time.

Check out some screenshots down below:

The PlayStation 5 version of the game brings with it plenty of fancy bells and whistles, with multiple graphic modes on offer based upon what you prefer. That being said, even the ‘Prioritize Graphics’ setting played at a smooth 60fps, ensuring the game looks and feels stunning to play. I’ve put plenty of hours into Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch, but I’d struggle to go back after experiencing it here. The loading times are WAY quicker than on the Nintendo Switch too, ensuring you’re never kept out of the action for too long.

Monster Hunter Rise Review

Monster Hunter Rise is an absolute joy to play on the PlayStation 5, with the addictive gameplay loop and visual enhancements making it essential for fans of the series. It’s newbie friendly thanks to its more streamlined approach, whilst some of the new additions ensure the experience will remain fresh for long-time series veterans.

Whether you’re looking for a story-driven single player experience, some fleshed out co-op action with friends, or simply a wonderful world to explore that’s full of incredible yet vicious creatures, Monster Hunter Rise has it all.

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform(s): PlayStation 5 (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC