Some might think that I drew the short stick having to review Peppa Pig: World Adventures, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The reason why? Because I got to play it alongside my three-year-old daughter, who thoroughly enjoyed her time with one of her favourite little characters.

This isn’t going to be a typical review because this isn’t really the type of game we would usually cover. Peppa Pig: World Adventures is designed for children, so to compare it to the usual titles we cover would be unfair. Therefore, we won’t necessarily be judging it by our normal standards, but instead on how it feels for a child to play.

Check out some screenshots down below:

Peppa Pig: World Adventures doesn’t put you into the shoes of the iconic little piggie herself, but instead lets players design their own character who becomes friends with her. You’ll choose what type of animal they are, what colour their clothes are, if they have any fancy accessories, and so forth, whilst you’ll even get to create your family alongside them. It’s a simplistic character builder, but it offers plenty to play around with so that youngsters will really feel like they’ve created their own little presence in the colourful world.

From there, they’ll be welcomed as a new neighbour in the world of Peppa Pig, with players introduced to their new bestie fairly quickly. Whilst players go through an opening tutorial where they’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the game and even design their own home, it doesn’t take long before you’re invited on a cruise to various destinations across the world. You’ll visit each country, complete an array of simple but varied tasks there, and just have a jolly time on your world adventure.

The fact that Peppa Pig: World Adventures is designed for kids means it’s VERY easy to play, with the controls mostly consisting of moving around with the analogue stick or d-pad (my daughter’s preference) and pressing the X button to interact with objects around the world. As a quick note, those who own both a PlayStation and an Xbox might be more tempted to get it on Xbox – I’ve previously found it easier to explain pressing the ‘green’ button as opposed to pressing the ‘X’ button when required, though the simplicity of the process means it’s not a very big deal. Either way, the controls are accessible enough that a child could easily play independently, though I think it’s way more enjoyable to play alongside them.

“My daughter had a big smile on my face the whole time she was playing, with the little tasks she was given easy to understand and even easier to complete.”

The objects you can interact with are plentiful, with players able to ride a bike, change into different costumes (the ghost outfit was a favourite at our home), grab toys to play with, play music on a drum set, make cakes, fly a RC plane around, or, of course, jump in muddy puddles, with these tasks expanding as you visit the different countries of the world on the cruise. Instead of just pressing X to interact with objects here, you’ll be completing tasks in little mini-games, whether that’s making your own pizza in Italy, moving a taxi through busy traffic in New York City, or even playing a game of cricket in Australia, just to name a few. You’ll also get to visit Germany, Paris, London, Barcelona, and Hollywood along the way, with each offering something different for players to do.

Be warned though: Germany is full of Christmas decorations and a giant Christmas tree, and my daughter has not STOPPED asking about Santa visiting since playing the level.

With every task in the game very simple to complete and plenty of variety offered across them, Peppa Pig: World Adventures really does offer a ton of fun for younger players. My daughter had a big smile on my face the whole time she was playing, with the little tasks she was given easy to understand and even easier to complete. She could see she was really proud of herself with just about everything she did in the game, whilst there was no sense of repetition to be found for her either. It’s just cute, innocent fun.

The fact that each level is small in scale means younger players won’t be overwhelmed or get lost either, whilst there’s even plenty to learn about each of the locations you visit along the way. I’d be lying if I said my little one took it all in (she was more interested in being in the world of Peppa Pig), but it’s a nice touch that shows a lot of thought went into fleshing out the experience.

Check out some screenshots down below:

I think what impressed me the most is the fact that it looks just like an episode of Peppa Pig. Sure, the cartoon hardly has the most sophisticated animations or detailed visuals in the world, but the way it’s replicated so accurately here helps make the experience all the more believable for youngsters. The only caveat? The game doesn’t feature the original voice cast, so expect a few soundalikes. It’s not too noticeable for the most part, though my little one was slightly confused not to hear Daddy Pig’s very familiar booming voice when playing.

So it’s clear that the game is perfect for youngsters, though the critic inside of me did pick up on some little issues here and there. I noticed a few little glitches when changing costumes for example, with the player’s character’s costume not fully changing and keeping a hat of a different costume on. It’s a small issue, but one that was replicated with ease. I also noticed that some of the button prompts showed a text field instead at times, which is again a minor issue, but something I couldn’t help but to notice. There were some other small visual glitches too, whilst little details like changing out of your costume when riding a bike annoyed my daughter WAY more than I expected. The load times stood out a little too, though there was nothing TOO long… just a little longer than I expected playing on the PlayStation 5. There’s nothing game-breaking at all nor did they stop the game from being fun for youngsters, but there are definitely some bugs that’ll stand out to adult players.

Peppa Pig: World Adventures Review

As a game for kids, Peppa Pig: World Adventures is a wonderful experience that offers plenty of fun things to do and plenty of cute things to see. Everything about the game is simple, but it’s varied enough in design to keep kids entertained for hours on end. My daughter and I have beaten the game twice already, and even now she’s ready to make another little family and go again. What more could you want?

It does have some minor issues, some of which will stand out to younger players (such as the lack of the original voice cast) and some of which will stand out to adults (some of the visual and technical bugs), but they don’t stop Peppa Pig: World Adventures from being a very charming experience that parents will love to play with their kids.

Developer: Petoons Studio
Publisher: Outright Games, Bandai Namco
Platform(s): PlayStation 5 (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC