Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip is one heck of a weird game, but it’s hard not to find yourself completely invested in the titular weirdo’s escapade across the town of Sprankelwater as he tries to make his way to outer space.

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Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip puts players in the role of Terry, who has just one goal in life: to go to outer space. He has a really, really, REALLY good plan to do this too, which is obviously by driving a car SO fast that it manages to blast off into the stars. What could possibly go wrong? After getting hold of a car by taking on a job at a taxi firm, you’ll venture across the town of Sprankelwater as you collect the junk required to turn it into a space-venturing automobile.

Yeah, if it wasn’t obvious already, Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip never takes itself too seriously, but that all adds to the game’s distinct sense of charm. There’s something about Terry’s unhinged approach to life that’s incredibly endearing, with his attitude to just about everything he does making for plenty of anarchic yet comical moments in-game. The characters you meet are equally zany, with plenty of stupid encounters to be found across the world that I’m not ashamed to admit got a lot of giggles out of me. I got Cartoon Network vibes from the world, characters, and bizarre nature of the storytelling, and believe me, I mean that in the best way possible.

Oh, and the Animal Crossing-style audio when characters are speaking? I loved it.

“There’s something about Terry’s unhinged approach to life that’s incredibly endearing, with his attitude to just about everything he does making for plenty of anarchic yet comical moments in-game.”

When it comes to the gameplay, Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip gives players an open-world sandbox to play around with where they’ll get up to all sorts of silly activities. Whilst Sprankelwater isn’t the biggest open world that you would have explored in gaming, it has got plenty of quirky quests to complete and a whole ton of collectibles to find, whilst simply interacting with its inhabitants makes for plenty of bizarre yet entertaining moments. It turns out Terry won’t face any repercussions for his actions too, so it’s easy to get away with being a little s**t… not that you’d want to do that, right?

As mentioned, you’ll be spending your time looking for the junk required to upgrade your car, and there’s no better way to do that than by helping someone out or by scouring through every nook and cranny of the town. The tasks you complete for others are simple but enjoyable, whilst scavenging through locales and getting to hard-to-reach areas always feels satisfying thanks to Terry’s competent platforming prowess. Sure, I ran into a few situations where the camera could misbehave, but it was never a common enough issue to feel like a problem.

There are plenty of little mini-games that add a fun little twist to the gameplay loop, whilst you can also spend some of the cash you earn to unlock items that’ll allow you to uncover junk in a variety of other ways. There’s a satisfying sense of progress to be found in Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip, and with the game constantly tracking your actions, it’s easy to keep on top of everything you need to do.

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In many ways, Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip gave me Grand Theft Auto-style vibes with its open-world, variety of tasks, and blend of driving and on-foot action, though perhaps comparing it to the likes of The Simpsons: Hit and Run would be more apt given its bizarre and colourful vibe… plus, you don’t go on massive killing sprees, which is probably worth pointing out. Everything is on a much smaller scale than those titles though, both with the size of the open world and the length of the game. You could easily see everything Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip has to offer in under five hours, so it’s on the shorter side when it comes to open world adventuring.

You know what, though? It feels like the perfect length, with Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip’s wacky gameplay not growing samey or its bizarre sense of humour not growing old in that time. I felt like I’d seen and done everything I’d wanted to with Terry, with the game’s conclusion feeling befitting of the odd journey I shared with the little weirdo. It’s good vibes all around, and with the gameplay keeping me grinning from start to end, I had a wonderful time playing.

Tiny Terry's Turbo Trip Review

Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip is one heck of a wacky experience, but it’s one that I had a wonderful time being a being a part of. Sprankelwater is satisfying to explore and brings with it plenty of quirky and entertaining activities to get stuck into, whilst the Cartoon Network-style vibe of the world and its humour kept a smile on my face with each bit of progress I made. And hey, Terry is really likable too… you know… in that anarchic weirdo kind of way.

It’s just a really fun game to play, and whilst it might not last too long, your time with Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip will constantly keep you thrilled as you find a way to blast off into outer space.

Developer: snekflat
Publisher: Super Rare Originals
Platform(s): PC (Reviewed)
Website: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2238040/Tiny_Terrys_Turbo_Trip/