Not long back, Fixture Gaming released the Fixture S1 Clip Mount – a device that allowed gamers to clip their Nintendo Switch console to the Switch Pro Controller, offering a more dynamic and comfortable portable experience with the console. Sometimes, the JoyCons just don’t cut it, with their smaller size and drift issues causing discomfort for some players. This was the perfect solution for that and a genuinely impressive piece of kit in itself. It isn’t exactly the most convenient device to take on the go though and gamers would certainly struggle to find a case to conveniently fit it in. This is where the Fixture Gaming Carrying Case comes in handy, with it offering a storage solution for the Fixture S1 Clip Mount as well as the Nintendo Switch console.

Fixture Gaming Carrying Case

The interior of the case is well designed and offers sturdy protection, with a moulded slot in place for the Switch Pro Controller with the Fixture S1 Clip Mount attached to slip into. It stays in place well here, with it clearly designed to hold the controller tightly to limit movement when carrying the case around. It’s also designed to keep everything attached together, allowing gamers to get straight to playing as soon as they take the console out of the case. There’s no need to slot the Fixture S1 Clip Mount on and off each time you want to take your console in and out of the case, which is ideal for those who want to dive right into the action.

One thing that did concern me was the potential for wear and tear on the Nintendo Switch screen, but the nylon protector that covers it is of a good quality and ensures no damage can be done when the console is held in the case. There’s also storage for up to ten Nintendo Switch game cartridges on the other side of the protector, so you don’t have to worry about taking your physical game cases around with you on the go. They all fit snugly in the elasticated miniature pockets too, ensuring they won’t slip out easily.

Fixture Gaming Carrying Case

There’s also an interior zipped-up pocket gamers can use to store accessories. It’s surprisingly spacious, so a small set of headphones, a USB cable, or even your original JoyCons could go in here. I was a little wary that using this might leave the contents vulnerable to any bangs that the case might have, but everything inside is kept well protected thanks to the tough exterior that protects the outside of the Fixture Gaming Carrying Case.

It’s clear that everything is carefully designed to offer both a convenient and well-protected storage solution. I even did the old ‘shake really hard and see if anything moves’ test, and I’m happy to report that the Fixture Gaming Carrying Case passed with flying colours. Everything was still kept safe in the case, with little-to-no movement at all. It’s all tightly packed together and sturdy, but in a safe and durable manner that won’t damage the contents.

Fixture Gaming Carrying Case

Whilst the S1 Clip Mount allows gamers to play their Switch with the Pro Controller comfortably on the go, I’ve also used the Hori Split Pad when playing handheld. I’ve always struggled to find a decent storage solution for it thanks to its larger size though, so tested it with the Fixture Gaming Carrying Case. I managed to fit it in quite comfortably with the Nintendo Switch console held on top of it, so the case is certainly a viable option for players who use it. Don’t get me wrong, the lack of an S1 Clip Mount does mean the console will be loose, but the tight fit of the case itself did ensure that it would still stay in place even when being carried around.

I’ve been quite impressed with the Fixture Gaming Carrying Case so far, with it offering gamers everything they’d need when taking their Nintendo Switch console and accessories on the go. However, it is worth noting that it’s much bigger than your average Nintendo Switch carry case. This is understandable given that it has to store more inside, but it’s worth bearing in mind if you’re used to carrying your console around in one of the more compact cases available on the market. It only comes with a small handle too, which could feel a little clumsy given its bulkier size. Neither issue is a particularly big deal, but something that’s worth noting.


I’ve found the Fixture Gaming Carrying Case to be a great piece of kit. Not only has it offered a convenient and safe way to transport my Nintendo Switch, Fixture S1 Clip Mount, and Pro Controller around comfortably, but it also has plenty of space to store games and accessories too. If you own the Fixture S1 Clip Mount and use it regularly, it’s an essential purchase that will make transporting your console around a heck of a lot easier and with better protection.

You can purchase the Fixture Gaming Carrying Case on the official website through this link.